Do’s and don’ts if you have accidentally emptied your Recycle Bin

Sometimes, you delete a file from the system or formatted a drive without realizing that the drive’s content or the file you just deleted might be useful for you. A quick solution of this problem comes to a person’s mind is that the file can be restored from the recycle bin. But, the situation is awful when you delete the file using Delete All button or emptied the recycle bin which contain deleted items.

In this situation, if you do anything wrong or without any prior knowledge, then the situation gets even worse than you thought. Here is some valuable and useful information worthwhile to learn when you try to undelete a file.

Try not to write anything new to the disk : When you delete a file, the operating system simply marks the space occupied by the file as ‘unused’ so that new file can take up the empty space. Therefore to prevent overwriting of your important files don’t perform any write operation to the system’s disk to recover your deleted files.

Do not Restart your computer : Restarting a system require some read/write activity. Although, not much, but if you don’t have enough space in your hard disk, then restarting your computer is likely to be a catastrophe for you.

Never Opt in System Restore : System Restore only undo system changes and restore your computer to its previous state, not restore any deleted files. Instead, you might end up loosing all your valuable data as the process requires the system restart and involves massive read/write operations.

Now, to store your deleted files back to the system, here are some key points :

Create Image of the disk : Consider the situation, when your drive is out of space and you download and run a recovery program. The read/write activities while downloading and running the program might overwrite the files you need to recover. Thus, imaging the disk is a good idea to get rid of critical data loss scenario.

File Recovery Software : File recovery software helps to recover lost or deleted files if used properly. File recovery utility is very reliable when it comes to recovering files or other documents from system’s drive, formatted hard drive, partitioned drive and more. Therefore, run a recovery software such as Remo File Recovery, Disk Doctor File Recovery etc. to recover the lost files.

Run a RAW file search : You can search for the file for a specific file type using file recovery software.


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